Coming Home

Designed with the modern family in mind, designer Hee Welling considered every aspect of the Patch table to ensure maximum functionality.

We’re different by design

Our story started with a problem (the best ideas usually do). Some ten years ago, our founder was furnishing his flat. Frustrated at the lack of well-designed, good quality and affordable sofas, he set about redefining the process. The concept was clear: collaborate with independent designers and makers to create pieces you’ll love, minus the mark-up. And so MADE.COM was born. The destination for creating your dream home.

We support independent designers

Nothing excites us more than great design. That’s why we champion emerging and established creative talent from all over the world. The result? Innovative products and exclusive ranges. Pieces that consider every space and individual. And for our designers, it means being part of a true partnership that has their interests at heart.

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Bryan JonhsonOperations Officer
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Our Teams

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